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Shri Arun Kumar Lila

Mr. Arun Kumar Lila is a renowned industrialist born on 14th August 1967, at Sriganga Nagar in Rajasthan is aged about 40 years. His father Late Sh. P.C. Lila has migrated from Sriganga Nagar to Bhopal in 1969 to set-up a Brewery titled as Lilasons Breweries Ltd. for manufacturing India’s first Super Strong Beer under the brand name “KHAJURAHO” with the bottling capacity of 5,000 bottles per day, along with the family. During his B.Com from Bhopal University in 1986, he has joined his family business of manufacturing beer.

The initial capacity of production in 1971 was only 2000 bottles per day and the plant was having manually operation. In view of the increased demand of the quality product of beer the expansion program taken in hand from the year 1972 onwards. In the year 1980 the plant capacity was increased to 40,000 bottles per day. The plant and machinery was updated and the brewery was equipped with automatic plant. In the year 1992 the brewery was fitted with stainless steel unitanks and the capacity of production increased to produce 1 lakh bottles per day. In year 1998 almost total brewery was updated and all operations begin fully automatic. At present the brewery is an example of finest brewery in central India and manufacturing number one class beer under its brand name “KHAJURAHO” Super Strong Lager Beer.

Due to heavy demand of the Company’s product “KHAJURAHO” Super Strong Lager Beer Shri Arun Kumar Lila and Lilasons family, the Company started another second plant at of beer manufacturing at Aurangabad in Maharashtra titled as LILASONS INDUSTRIES LTD. in 1992. That plant also started production in June 1994 with the initial capacity of producing 50,000 bottles per day, which has now increased to 1.75 lacs bottles per day. This second plant was needed to fulfill the demand of Maharashtra state.

Shri Arun Kumar Lila is the founder Director of Lilasons Infrastructure LLP. He is responsible for Growth and strategic Planning.

He was also on the Board of M/s. Trilok Engineers and Builders Pvt. Ltd., which is a reputed construction company in Uttranchal. They have constructed number of bridges in and around Haridwar and a Residential Housing Apartment of 8 floors having approximate 50 flats in its 1st Phase known as “HARIGANGA” Apartments in Haridwar, Uttranchal.

Simultaneously he has undertaken few prestigious exhibitions on robotic creatures mainly on DINOSAURS throughout the country. These creatures were imported from USA. This was the privately organized largest exhibition in the country in 1995-96. Himself mainly managed this show in association with his younger brother Dr. Rakesh Kumar Lila and other supportive staff.

Shri Dharmendra Kumar Lila

Shri Dharmendra Kumar Lila born on 17th January 1969, at Sriganga Nagar in Rajasthan is aged about 39 years. He is completed B.Com from Barkatullah University, Bhopal in 1991.

In 1993 he has joined the ancestral business “Lilasons Breweries Ltd.,” Bhopal, one of the recognized name in Super Strong Beer market under the brand “Khajuraho” in the country. He is looking after the entire company’s business with entire satisfaction. He is participating in the company’s day-to-day affairs and taking final decisions in the matters in favor of company’s growth.

He is taking part in almost all the activities of the company and having commendable position and relation with the company’s clients and suppliers. He takes active part in the liaisoning work of the Company with Government Departments which help for smooth and troublefree working of the Company. All expansion and updates of the plant was done under his personnel supervision.

Shri Darmendra Kumar Lila one of the Promoter Director of Lilasons Infrastructure LLP, in Delhi with the object to construct luxurious Hi-rise Group Housing and Mall/Multiplex/Hotel & Banquets.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Lila

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Lila born on 16th November 1971, at Bhopal, in Madhya Pradesh is aged about 37 years. He is completed BBA from Barkatullah University, Bhopal in 1993, MBA (Marketing) from Pune University in 1996 and PhD. Marketing from Barkaullah University, Bhopal in 2003.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Lila who is possess MBA and Doctorate degree in Marketing and active participation in the sales activities.

Due to specialization in marketing he brought Lilasons Industries Ltd and Lilasons Breweries Ltd. in a very sound position among the beer-manufacturing units in Central and Northern India.

It was his efforts to introduce a new brand of beer named and styled as “LILA’s 50000” from Lilasons Breweries Ltd., Bhopal and “KHAZANA” from Lilasons Industries Ltd., Aurangabad. Because of his efforts the sale of both new brands reached to a quite remarkable position alongwith running and well-established brand “KHAJURAHO”. He is taking active part in business meets and making future strategies and budgets for promoting sales activities of Lilasons Infrastructure LLP. He is responsible for the day-to-day working and strategic Planning of the company.

Simultaneously, he has also assisted his elder brother in managing the prestigious exhibition on robotic creatures of DINOSAURS show titled as “BACK TO JURASSIC” throughout the country. These creatures were imported from USA. This was the privately organized largest exhibition in the country in 1995-96. He himself mainly managed the day-to-day affairs of the show in association with supportive staff.

Shri Vinod Bansal:

Shri Vinod Bansal born on 15th August 1961 and is aged about 46 years. He is completed graduation in Commerce from Punjab University, Chandigarh in 1982.

Since 1982 running floor mills in Patna. The products are enjoying a good market share in Eastern Part of Country, mainly west Bengal. Entire business activities of all the flourmills are directly controlled by him, and running successfully. He is having capacity to run other business activities.

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